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Our Process

Unlike many financial advisory firms, our specialized focus on corporate retirement plans means our process is designed around the specific retirement goals and needs of our clients.
When you partner with ProActive401k, you can expect a process that’s thorough, interactive, and effective.

  1. Open a Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA) inside your existing 401(k) plan.
  2. Once opened, our advisors will explain your SDBA from the inside out. Ensuring you understand how it works, what it does, and how we will use it to guide your overall retirement planning goals.
  3. A risk profile questionnaire will be issued to identify your risk score, which we will use to guide us as we present several potential asset allocation models for your consideration.
  4. With independent, objective guidance, we will help you navigate your options and choose a model that aligns with your risk, goals, and intended outcomes. Your model will consist of several asset managers, not one, which adds diversification and reduces overall risk.
  5. Throughout this entire process, we’ll ask questions, listen with intent, and make
    suggestions based on the information you provide. By gaining a comprehensive look into your overall financial picture, we may be able to assist you with financial planning needs that exist outside of your SDBA.

Effective financial planning doesn’t stop there. Once implemented, we will continue to review your strategy and the markets closely. If and when they become necessary, we will adjust your financial plan so that it remains aligned with your stated short- and long-term wealth goals.

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